Life Changing Work Experience

EduPower’s work experience model is truly unique. Our learners don’t work on simulations – we source live campaigns ensuring the practical experience our learners acquire is marketable and relevant. 

Learnerships provide structured experiential on-the-job learning opportunities through which South Africa’s youth can develop the career skills most in demand by today’s employers. This work experience teaches them softer skills such as communication adaptability, problem-solving and teamwork. 

While this helps our learner’s market themselves in the job market, quality work experience is also a critical part of any skills development NQF aligned qualification. A learnership requires 10 hours of evidence-based work experience for every credit of the qualification – with the majority of the NQF qualifications being between 120 and 150 credits. Our learnerships deliver this and more. In fact, EduPower provides more than 1 800 hours of tracked real life work experience over the 12-months of the skills development programme.

EduPower has chosen to focus its work experience on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or contact centre industry for a number of reasons:

  • BPO is a high growth sector in a shrinking economy
  • There is a high demand for contact centre agents with more than 500 companies nationwide and in excess of 225 000 jobs
  • The sector is labour-intensive and the majority of jobs are entry level
  • Due to the diverse nature of contact centres, the sector provides excellent career development opportunities

To help prepare our learners for these opportunities, EduPower’s work experience exposes them to a wide variety of roles including quality assurance, surveys, lead generation and sales – not to mention administration.

It’s all about ensuring our learners have the necessary skills to find sustainable employment when they finish their skills development programmes, creating employable people and South Africa’s future workforce. It’s about being part of the solution to unemployment. 

For more information on our learnerships and how you can play your part in transforming unemployment in South Africa, email EduPower today at [email protected]

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