EduPower Bets on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to Close Skills Gap

Did you know South Africa’s economic sector faces the struggle of a high youth
unemployment rate? In the second quarter of 2022 the official unemployment rate sat at
37%, majorly impacting South African women, with almost half of all women (47%) in
the country being economically inactive.

Through ambitious and innovative business practices, EduPower Skills Academy brings
an entire new generation of South Africans into the booming BPO industry with skills
development and entrepreneurialism training to our youth.

Despite the government having a multi-billion Rand budget allocated for education and
training, there is room to improve, especially in the business and private sector.
Corporates invest heavily for their own long-term security as well as making a positive
impact on the communities in which they operate. However, this is not always easy to
achieve, especially when corporations are faced with B-BBEE scorecard pressure from
the government.

This results in the need for a compliance entity where clients have to spend on skills
development, such as EduPower Skills Academy. “We provide a solution that takes the
administrative, practical, and operational burden away from the client and channel it
towards changing the lives of South Africa’s vulnerable youth,” Daly Group CEO, Steve

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