Unlocking New Pathways to Gainful Employment For Individuals Without a Grade 12

South Africa faces a critical challenge in integrating adults who have not completed high school into the workforce. The 2022 Census indicates that 50% of the adult population in South Africa has not completed Grade 12, a staggering statistic that highlights the urgency of finding viable pathways to employment for these individuals. Rajan Naidoo, the […]

Absorption: A Key Strategy for Tackling Youth Unemployment

Leveraging Absorption to Enhance Your B-BBEE Strategy and Support Youth Employment One promising solution to South Africa’s high youth unemployment rate lies in Absorption, a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) strategy that drives long-term employment andaddresses the urgent need for job creation. Rajan Naidoo, Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, highlights that this initiative extendsbeyond […]

The QCTO Dilemma: Are Learnerships at Risk?

A Critical Assessment of the QCTO’s readiness to implement Occupational Certificate Programmes With the expiration date of SETA-accredited learnerships looming at the end of June this year, companies are at a critical juncture for their Skills Development. From that point forward, organisations will only be able to register their learners for the QCTO’s occupational certificates. […]

Learnerships Offer Matriculants Real Opportunities

How to tailor a standout CV to secure a learnership The Class of 2023 is eagerly anticipating the 18 th of January for the release of their matric results. Forsome, their results will provide access to higher learning. For others, it’s their ticket to the working world – but while these youngsters may be keen […]

Leveraging Learnerships for Lasting Impact

Companies sponsoring learnerships are looking beyond profit towards a better future Business success is not only about profit margins and market share—it is also about positively impactingsociety and contributing to the growth of future leaders. A powerful way for businesses to achieve this isby funding learnerships, where every programme sponsored has the potential to transform […]

Beyond Compliance: A Blueprint for True Inclusivity

Five key steps for businesses to foster greater inclusion for People with Disabilities  The 3rd of December is recognised as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and is the culmination of a month of national awareness in South Africa. As we observe this day, it is a stark reminder that much still needs to […]

Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce

Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce: Corporate South Africa’s Vital Role in Skills Development   Private Sector Funding Learnerships are a part of the critical role that the private sector plays in shaping Skills Development in South Africa. A valuable bridge between education and employment, learnerships are structured training programmes that provide both theoretical knowledge and work experience, […]

Learnerships will get South Africa Working

Delivering Accessible Learning Environments and Job Opportunities for School Leavers In the lead-up to the Matric class of 2023’s final exams, anxiety looms. While some will pursue tertiaryeducation, the majority face the highly competitive job market and the harsh prospect ofunemployment. Rajan Naidoo, Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, says that in this crucibleof chances […]

Mastering Skill Development Budgeting

How to Balance B-BBEE Compliance and Growth   As the annual budgeting season begins, many corporates are facing the challenge of the cost of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance, especially around Skills Development (SD), one of the highest spend-based elements on the scorecard.  According to Rajan Naidoo, the Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, […]

How to Build an Inclusive Workforce

Four keys to ensure that People with Disabilities can flourish in your business    Earlier this year, President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Employment Equity Amendment Act into law. While the proclamation of the implementation date is still pending, the Minister of Employment and Labour can establish equity targets for various economic sectors as well as […]

Bridging the Gap between Education and Employment

Unemployment Woes Meet Skills Shortages – The Potential of Learnerships to Turn the Tide   South Africa stands at a critical juncture in addressing its employment and skills challenges. The nation faces a paradox where soaring unemployment rates coexist with persistent skills shortages, demanding immediate attention and multifaceted solutions. One wonders, though, how such a […]

From Tragedy to Triumph

Edupower’s Inspirational Student: Success through Courage, Determination, and Achievement Youth Day commemorates the Soweto Uprising in 1976, a reminder of the courageous scholars who fought for freedom and equality. What better way to honour their memory than to inspire South Africans with moving accounts of today’s brave youngsters, individuals who have triumphed over personal adversity […]

Call Centre industry a beacon of hope for South Africa’s unemployed youth

Business Process Outsourcing is a burgeoning sector offering rewarding career opportunities There is no denying South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis. At 42%, nearly half of the people agedbetween 25 and 34 years old are unemployed. However, there is one sector that continues to offer ouryoungsters hope of employment and a rewarding career, our burgeoning call […]

Learnership delivers far more than expected for SMME owner

EduPower’s unique learnership model helps business owner unlock growth potential Nokwanda Sibisi has an immense determination to succeed and at just 27 years old, she already owns two small companies. However, she has realised that she has more to learn to fulfil her burning desire to grow her businesses, so she has enrolled for a […]

Learnership delivers far more than expected for SMME owner

Multiple learnership registrations add to South Africa’s youth unemployment woes Learnerships are South Africa’s most powerful skills development mechanism but they could be playingan even greater role in eradicating youth unemployment. Unfortunately, some dishonest learners aredefrauding the system by enrolling for multiple learnerships at the same time. Rajan Naidoo, the Managing Director of EduPower Skills […]

The South African Learnership scam

Multiple learnership registrations add to South Africa’s youth unemployment woes Learnerships are South Africa’s most powerful skills development mechanism but they could be playingan even greater role in eradicating youth unemployment. Unfortunately, some dishonest learners aredefrauding the system by enrolling for multiple learnerships at the same time. Rajan Naidoo, the Managing Director of EduPower Skills […]

Training Providers in South Africa should be mandated to develop entrepreneurial skills

Business Incubators at every training facility would help develop more successful SMMEs In a free-market economy, small business is the foundation upon which employment and economicgrowth are underpinned. South Africa, however, has one of the highest SMME failure rates worldwide,with five out of every seven failing in the first year. Rajan Naidoo, the Managing Director […]

A bumpy road ahead for Skills Development?

Making sense of the QCTO and the impact it will have on Skills Development In the ever-evolving Education and Training landscape, Skills Development in South Africa is gearing up for some major changes as the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) moves toward implementing a single National Quality Assurance system for accredited qualifications and […]

Win-Win Learnerships are the Future

Self-funding learnerships that benefit the sponsor as much as the learner For many companies, learnerships remain a grudge purchase and a tick-box exercise for B-BBEE compliance. But what if companies could make their learnerships self-funding? If, during the 12 months of the programme, their learners were to actually contribute to developing their business?  According to […]

Learnerships are key to developing People with Disabilities

Learnerships for People with Disabilities should go beyond B-BBEE points November is Disability Awareness Month, the perfect time to shine the spotlight on the fact that while 7.5% of the South African population live with disabilities, only 1% of these individuals have jobs. However, South Africa is not unique in this. Worldwide, People with Disabilities […]

The Five Key Skills Developed in a Learnership

Daring to dream is the greatest skill that a learnership can teach South Africa faces a unique dilemma – we have the highest youth unemployment in the world, yet there is a shortage of skilled people to fill positions in many sectors. Businesses want workers who can hit the ground running, yet matriculants don’t have […]

Innovative Mining Community Development Initiative Launched in Kuruman

EduPower and Assmang Black Rock Mine Operations (BRMO) drive groundbreaking solution for Skills Development and Employment of local communities. The future looks bright for 40 young adults living in Kuruman in the Northern Cape. These youngsters – all people with disabilities – have been selected for an innovative, forward-thinking learnership sponsored by Assmang Black Rock […]

Unlocking Eight Bonus Points On the B-BBEE Scorecard

Simple strategies that can improve your B-BBEE compliance by two levels Various priority elements of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) offer bonus points. When viewed in isolation, one or two extra points may not add up to much, but when they are applied strategically, they can improve B-BBEE certification by up to two levels. Sean […]

Onsite vs Hosted Learnerships

Four simple questions to gauge if your business has the capabilities to host a learnership If your business has decided to offer learnerships to young, unemployed People with Disabilities (PWDs) you may be faced with the BIG decision of whether to host your learners on-site at your business or off-site at a training provider. “This […]

The Secret to Success with Learnerships

Mentoring and Coaching are fundamental to the success of any learning programme A learnership is the best way to ensure that unemployed, young South Africans are set up for success in the job market. These practical programmes provide youngsters with the skills they need to enhance their employability but, according to Rajan Naidoo, the Director […]

Is your Skills Development Levy delivering returns for your business?

Companies can boost their competitiveness by funding their training through SDL grants Are you one of the businesses in South Africa that diligently pays their Skills Development Levy (SDL) every month yet never applies for the available grants? Many business owners simply do not realise they are able to claim a portion of the money […]

Online Learning can never replace Classroom Training

Is an internship or a learnership a better mechanism to fuel the growth of your business?  Covid changed the world and the training landscape with it. Distance learnerships and online learning proliferated through necessity but now that life and learning are returning to some semblance of normality, does this form of training still have a […]

Bursaries that Build a Better Future

EduPower is changing the lives of young South African’s through B-BBEE sponsored bursaries   More than half of South Africa’s 18 to 34-year old’s cannot find jobs and we have one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world, and yet for years, companies across many sectors have been challenged by a skills shortage. […]

Internships vs Learnerships: What’s right for your business?

Is an internship or a learnership a better mechanism to fuel the growth of your business?  Internship programmes can benefit businesses in various ways, address skills shortages in the country and give back to South African society. But internships aren’t without their challenges as they take careful planning to implement. So is an internship right […]

Why you’re having a hard time with your Millennial employees

EduPower partners with InterConnection SA to deliver enabling and exciting learnerships More than two-thirds of young people in South Africa cannot find work, yet businesses regularly report that they can’t find the “right” person for the job. When they do hire a first-time jobseeker, these youngsters often behave in a way that makes you certain […]

Celebrate what People with Disabilities can do, not what they can’t

Understanding the basics about learnerships for People with Disabilities It’s National Disability Rights Awareness Month, the perfect time to spotlight the fact that of the three million South Africans who live with disabilities, only 1% have jobs. This alarming statistic clearly indicates that we need to do more to celebrate what people with disabilities can […]

You’ve passed matric… now what?

Three options matriculants can use to make themselves more competitive in the job market This week’s release of the 2021 Grade 12 results will be a cause for celebration but the reality is that many matriculants don’t know what they will do next. For 12 years or more, school has been their world but now […]

Bursaries: The missing link in your B-BBEE spend

January and February can be some of the most stressful months of the year for companies looking to retain or improve their B-BBEE rating.  With the financial year-end looming, some businesses may be scrambling to make the spend required to achieve their Skills Development targets and thus, secure the maximum points for this priority element. […]

How to Maximise the Impact of your Skills Development Bursary Programme

Three actions you can take to ensure your B-BBEE bursary spend is really making an impact It’s been over a year since the B-BBEE Codes were amended to include bursaries. Introduced to address the critical need to provide tertiary education to as many young South African’s as possible, the local training industry has evolved to […]

How do we impact South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis?

Learnerships are the key to tackling youth unemployment and economic exclusion On 21st February 2022, South Africa will be marking International World Day for Social Justice. A day that raises awareness, promotes social justice and recognises efforts being made to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion, gender equality, human rights, and social protection. Sean Sharp, Executive Head […]

Learnerships that unlock unlimited potential

Could one young woman’s inspirational learnership journey galvanise a generation? On 8 March every year, women’s groups around the world mark International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. South Africa has made significant progress towards achieving gender equality but there are still many disparities in our […]

Bursaries will create the opportunities our youth needs

B-BBEE funded bursaries are the answer to South Africa’s staggering youth unemployment rate How can we fix youth unemployment in South Africa? One of the greatest challenges we face, has been called a ticking time bomb on more than one occasion. It reverberates throughout our society through campaigns such as the 2015/16 #FeesMustFall as well […]

Make your 2022 Financial Year Count

Level up your B-BBEE by maximising the 44 points available for Preferential Procurement The beginning of a new financial year is an opportunity for companies to review their Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) certificates. By understanding every point that’s been missed, it’s possible to map out and implement a cost-effective approach to ensure that […]

Breaking Barriers

Four ways to make your business more inclusive for People with Disabilities Companies have long been drivers of change. Across the globe, a pivotal shift in attitudes and behaviour towards social injustices starts in business. Diversity and inclusion is one such defining issue and though progress has been made towards equality across gender, race and […]

Is B-BBEE failing Women?

Could B-BBEE be doing more to promote the advancement of women in the workplace?    There are 14 points available on the B-BBEE scorecard for companies that empower their female employees but a recent report released by the Commission for Employment Equity shows that while women make up 45% of the workforce, the promotion of […]

The Road To Empowering Women In The Workplace

How companies can empower women and the benefits of this for their B-BBEE rating   It’s a fact that in South Africa, women are less likely to own a business, less likely to be employed and less likely to be promoted. The only way to advance gender equality is to prioritse the inclusion of women […]

The South African Learnership Scam

Five actions you need to take to ensure that your Training Provider is delivering value It’s a known fact that the importance of Skills Development for company Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecards has fueled a multi-billion Rand training industry that’s dominated by private companies. What’s less known is that while many of these organisations […]

A Focus on Fronting

Fronting fraud is a serious crime that is preventing South Africa from transforming its economy The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Commission recently spoke out against fronting, stating that it is still a serious problem in South Africa. Rajan Naidoo, Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy believes that the B-BBEE Commission is correct in once […]

Upskilling the informal sector to drive job creation

How we can leverage existing industries to create employment and entrepreneurial growth South Africa’s biggest challenge is unemployment. While this has always been high, the Covid-19 lockdown has exacerbated unemployment and today, over 11 million people are out of work. Rajan Naidoo, the Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, believes this situation can be reversed […]

The hidden costs of B-BBEE Skills Development

The hidden costs that are essential for high quality Skills Development that delivers When Skills Development is viewed as a number on a balance sheet, it can account for a significant percentage of a company’s income. This cost however is relative and should not be judged in isolation; Skills Development should rather be evaluated against […]

EduPower creates employment for 20 learners

Training provider develops powerful absorption model to provide life changing opportunities Learnerships are recognised as one of the key vehicles to create work-ready skills for South Africa’s unemployed youth but EduPower Skills Academy is taking this a step further. The training provider is creating permanent job opportunities for its learners and during March, it could […]

Self-Belief: The final hurdle for Learnerships

5 reasons that learnerships deserve more recognition from learners and employers alike It’s high time that learnerships get the credit they deserve. Powerful and effective training vehicles, learnerships have been one of the greatest catalysts for long-term employment in South Africa for the past 20 years. Rajan Naidoo, the Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, […]

Good CEO’s build a business, great CEO’s leave a legacy

Three strategies that business leaders can use to impact economic transformation A crucial part of any CEO’s legacy is the financial health of their company, but they are also responsible for ensuring that sustainability is embedded throughout their organisation, that business plays its rightful role as a lasting force for change in society. Rajan Naidoo, […]

Skills Development: Good for Business, Good for South Africa’s Youth

Learnerships are the key to optimising employability Unemployment is a massive challenge that has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis. Predictions are that 35% of South Africans won’t have jobs by December. This only accounts for people who are actively looking for jobs. The number of unemployed who’ve given up looking for work is much […]

How to stand out in South Africa’s competitive job market

The B-BBEE Codes need to change to protect and enable SME growth Three million people lost their jobs in South Africa between February and April as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic 1 and recent forecasting predicts that by December, 35% 2 of South African’s will be unemployed and more than 70% of our youth […]

South Africa is in trouble – here’s how we can fix it

The B-BBEE Codes need to change to protect and enable SME growth South Africa is in trouble. Before Covid-19, the economy was already teetering at the edge of a fiscal cliff with two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth and the expanded unemployment rate at a frightening 42%. Then Covid turned South Africa and the […]

Changes to the B-BBEE landscape in 2021

The B-BBEE Codes need to change to protect and enable SME growth The lifeblood of our economy, South Africa’s Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are in trouble. Already suffering in a contracting economy, the ongoing shocks from Covid-19 has analysts predicting that 60% of SMEs will close before the crisis is over. Vital for […]

B-BBEE must be used to unlock job creation

Human solidarity is critical for South Africa’s economic recovery As the second wave of Covid-19 scours South Africa, it is more evident than ever that even the most astute financial modelling will not be able to predict the long-term economic and social effects of the pandemic. The pandemic and the extended lockdown have resulted in […]

Raising B-BBEE to a higher standard

B-BBEE and the development of sustainable employment creation The Covid-19 Lockdown has exacerbated South Africa’s unprecedented unemployment crisis and its resultant impact on inequality and poverty will impede efforts to rebuild the nation’s economy. The significance of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) as an employment creation facilitator has therefore never been more important. This […]