Guaranteed Absorption

If you choose EduPower then we guarantee that all of your learners will be offered a full-time role after they have completed their learnership.

Good business, better South Africa

The true marker of success for any skills development program will be the graduation of learners into full employment. That is why we have developed a range of self-sustaining business models that are aligned with our skills development training.

Stage 1:
Skills Development

Our mix of skills development, real-world training, and psychological assessment prepare the learner for working life.

Stage 2:

We currently offer these employment pathways:

Contact Centre

Business Process Outsourcing


Additional Employment pathways currently in development:

Coffee Stands

New business start-up incubation

Field sales of financial services

Township retail distribution services

Field sales of cellular products

Franchise ownership of food truck

Food production

Stage 3:
Supplier, Enterprise and Socio-Economic Development opportunities

Participating in the creation, development and support of these businesses will benefit your scorecard in the following years.

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