Hosted learnerships

By hosting your learners at one of our academies we ensure that you can maintain your focus in your business.

The recruitment, assessment, and processing of learners are completed by EduPower. Learners can be accommodated at one of our world-class facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban.

Remote locations

If circumstances require then we can also set up remote locations for specific clients. This is especially relevant to our mining clients as the Mine Community Development concept of the Mining charter requires 100% compliance. Let us help you build a sustainable job solution in your local community.

Focus leads to success

Learners complete a full 5 days-a-week classroom training and work programme to get them ready for working life. As the learners are monitored closely we have exceptional completion rates. Additionally, our clients benefit from being able to drop in at any time to visit their learners to assess their progress.

Work back Programme

Put your B-BBEE spend to work. Working with mentors in our BPO environments, your learners can be deployed in your business operations. Working remotely, they can fulfil business operations such as call centre, business admin, data clean-up, sales, and Customer care.

Want to know more?

Contact us for more information about simplifying your learnerships.