Make your B-BBEE bursary expenditure matter

Transparent and accredited training that changes someone’s life.

Education is expensive. It is out of reach for many of the most vulnerable. Your bursary spend can get you 4 BEE points on your skills development scorecard and build a more equitable South Africa.

Why should you choose EduPower’s B-BBEE bursaries for your business?


Are you worried about where your B-BBEE skills development bursaries are going?

EduPower ensures your bursaries go to the most deserving. Students are trained at our facilities to ensure greater completion success so you can be confident that the bursaries you provide build a better South Africa.


We price our bursaries competitively so that you can make an even bigger impact on the most vulnerable.

Rather than spending all of your money on a handful of students, our lower cost allows more students to be supported.


EduPower is a leading provider of learnerships for People with Disabilities where they are treated with the care and respect they require.

We use your bursary contributions for the education of the top learners so that they can develop themselves further.

The programme provides the following benefits: