Your Mine Community Development and HRD Solution

The Mine Community Development concept of the Mining Charter is an important but challenging element, requiring 100% compliance.

We have seen your problem before

One of our remote mining clients was struggling to meet the charter requirements:

They had to place 40 disabled learners in this financial year and those learners also needed to be absorbed after the learnership.

They did not have capacity internally to manage the learnerships or the absorption, so they were losing those points on the mining charter and  B-BBEE scorecard.

On top of that, their mines are in remote places and there are no providers there that can assist them.

Don’t just build a mine, build a legacy

Our latest project – partnering with African Rainbow Minerals – will transform the lives in a small Karoo town. An intake of learners with disabilities from the local community will start soon in Kuruman, Northern Cape.

Learners will work on a variety of Call Centre campaigns in our specially designed facility. Included in their programme is in-house work readiness programmes, shared hosting for learning and work experience as well as the opportunity of absorption of learners into permanent employment in their second year.

How does it work?

Your B-BBEE and Mining Charter contributions can change your mine communities in 3 steps:

1. Skills development

We provide in-demand skills training and work experience for local, disabled youth through our learnership programme.

2. Developing industry

We build new call centres and BPO businesses in the community for sustainable development.

3. Real job creation

We provide every learner with a full-time job offer and a pathway to career success in their local area.

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