Skills development for the banking and finance sector

With the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), B-BBEE Commission, and the FS code in place to drive transformation in the finance sector, there has never been a more important time to focus on skills development.

We have seen your problem before

In your highly skilled, white-collar industry, your skills development needs to be different. That is why we have bespoke solutions to create successful B-BBEE learnership programmes for the financial sector.

Our client, ABSA, wanted to run learnerships the way they were meant to be run: giving the most deserving a chance to gain relevant industry skills with a clear runway to employment.

However, this can take up a lot of internal administrative time to get right. They needed professional support to ensure that the right candidates were found, accredited training was provided and correct workplace experience was completed.

With thousands of employees, ABSA looked to EduPower to ensure Learnership success.

Recruit right, train right

What sets this learnership programme apart is its emphasis on quality. We recruited 25 recent graduates that were disabled and assessed them for their work-readiness potential. The learners were then trained in Business Analysis (NQF L6) by EduPower’s team of accredited trainers.

In order to ensure focused time for studying and for work experience the hosting of the learners was split between the EduPower academy in Johannesburg and the ABSA campus. This improves efficiency and allows the learner to get the most out of the programme.

The best-performing candidates progressed to full-time jobs at ABSA after a 12-month ‘trial’. While the remaining candidates joined one of EduPower’s partner businesses on a full-time contract. Thus ensuring absorption.

How does it work?

1. Skills development

We provide in-demand skills training and work experience for local, disabled youth through our learnership programme.

2. Developing industry

We build new BPO businesses around South Africa for sustainable development.

3. Real job creation

If you don’t want to employ them then we provide every learner with a full-time job offer and a pathway to career success in their local area.

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