Skills development for the Business Process Outsourcing sector

BPO is the only growing sector in South Africa and will account for the majority of job growth in the country. With that growth comes increased scrutiny of the B-BBEE practices. Skills development specific to the industry provides a pathway to long-term success.

We have seen your problem before

Though the numbers vary, the job growth estimates for the BPO sector are in the range of 200,000 by 2030. As every HR department knows, the challenge has always been to recruit, train and manage the best staff from the plethora of low-skilled entrants.

The cost of training a low-skilled agent that has no guarantee of success can run into tens of thousands of rands before any return is seen. If we are to ever get to the estimated numbers, then we have to improve the level of agents across the country.

Risk-free and ready for growth

EduPower is part of a larger group of companies that has its roots in Contact centres and Business Process Outsourcing. We understand what is needed to make your BPO business a success. EduPower’s learnership qualifications, trainers, personal development programmes, and workplace experience are geared towards contact centre and BPO success.

Use your B-BBEE spend to build a team of agents using our BPO facilities and trainers. Qualify the agents over a 12-month period at the most competitive costs in the industry. All while receiving your 12H rebates and maximizing your B-BBEE level.

Risk-free means that if your learners are not hired by you at the end of the learnership then they will be offered full-time contracts in one of EduPower’s absorption businesses.

How does it work?

1. Skills development

We provide in-demand skills training and work experience for local, disabled youth through our learnership program.

2. Developing industry

We build new, micro-BPO businesses around South Africa for sustainable development.

3. Real job creation

If you don’t want to employ them then we provide every learner with a full-time job offer and a pathway to career success in their local area.