Unlocking New Pathways to Gainful Employment For Individuals Without a Grade 12

South Africa faces a critical challenge in integrating adults who have not completed high school into the workforce. The 2022 Census indicates that 50% of the adult population in South Africa has not completed Grade 12, a staggering statistic that highlights the urgency of finding viable pathways to employment for these individuals. Rajan Naidoo, the […]

Absorption: A Key Strategy for Tackling Youth Unemployment

Leveraging Absorption to Enhance Your B-BBEE Strategy and Support Youth Employment One promising solution to South Africa’s high youth unemployment rate lies in Absorption, a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) strategy that drives long-term employment andaddresses the urgent need for job creation. Rajan Naidoo, Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, highlights that this initiative extendsbeyond […]

Skills Development – A New Era Beckons

Is your company ready to successfully transition from Learnerships to OccupationalCertificates? As the deadline of 30 th June approaches for the registration of legacy learnerships, companiesmust ensure they are prepared for the seismic shift in the Skills Development landscape. Thispivotal moment marks the end of an era for historical learnerships and signals the coming-of-age for […]

The QCTO Dilemma: Are Learnerships at Risk?

A Critical Assessment of the QCTO’s readiness to implement Occupational Certificate Programmes With the expiration date of SETA-accredited learnerships looming at the end of June this year, companies are at a critical juncture for their Skills Development. From that point forward, organisations will only be able to register their learners for the QCTO’s occupational certificates. […]

Learnerships Offer Matriculants Real Opportunities

How to tailor a standout CV to secure a learnership The Class of 2023 is eagerly anticipating the 18 th of January for the release of their matric results. Forsome, their results will provide access to higher learning. For others, it’s their ticket to the working world – but while these youngsters may be keen […]

Leveraging Learnerships for Lasting Impact

Companies sponsoring learnerships are looking beyond profit towards a better future Business success is not only about profit margins and market share—it is also about positively impactingsociety and contributing to the growth of future leaders. A powerful way for businesses to achieve this isby funding learnerships, where every programme sponsored has the potential to transform […]

EduPower Bets on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to Close Skills Gap

Did you know South Africa’s economic sector faces the struggle of a high youthunemployment rate? In the second quarter of 2022 the official unemployment rate sat at37%, majorly impacting South African women, with almost half of all women (47%) inthe country being economically inactive. Through ambitious and innovative business practices, EduPower Skills Academy bringsan entire […]